SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities are beautifully met by the University’s Global Educational Consultants Society (GEC). The fundamental rationale is to give back to the community and the foremost aim of GEC is to provide Education for All and this has become its slogan to uphold. GEC Society plays a pivotal part to provide access to low cost and inclusive education which encircles all irrespective of caste, colour or creed and stands united in the imparting quality education serving the less privileged and underserved areas.

SDG 10 Policies


This policy is aimed at the University’s commitment of ensuring discrimination free admission processes of the University. Ilma University do not support any kind of discrimination against gender, age, disables, nationality, caste, ethnicity, religion or race

Reporting of Discrimination act

Ilma University encourages all suspected cases of discrimination or harassment to be reported, irrespective of the perpetrator's identity or position. Individuals who believe that they have been the victim of such behaviour (Student, faculty or staff) should speak with their immediate supervisor, human resources, or Student Affairs about their concerns.

Policy Statement

Ilma University follow the principle of “education for all”. Therefore, University has a comprehensive non-discriminatory admission policy.

• Admissions of students will be completely based on the eligibility criteria of every program provided by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.
• Ilma University’s will provide admissions to qualified and eligible students in all educational programs and activities regardless of any discrimination against gender, age, disables, nationality, caste, ethnicity, religion or race
• All disabled students will be provided the educational opportunities and accessibility with no discrimination to their type of disability.

Scope of Policy

Applies to all students, either undergraduate or postgraduate and/or part time or full time


• Discrimination: refers to the mistreatment of an individual or group based on pre-conceived beliefs resulting in the unfair consequences on such individual or group.

ILMA UNIVERSITY Admissions department, in both campuses, keep records of all scholarship students and among them are low-income students. ILMA UNIVERSITY Scholarship offices generate several detailed reports which include all credentials of the registered/applicant students. Furthermore, the report highlights the scholarship type that the student is undergoing along with their names, nationality, ID number and other relevant information. Such reports are made available not only to measure the application ratio/rate, but also to follow up with all students through their academic journey.

The Student Affair Department is responsible of all students with disabilities. The center generates a file for each student once admitted to the university


Ilma University is committed to provide safe, comfortable and clean accommodation facilities and scholarships for the persons with disabilities. University is serious

Policy Statement

1. Ilma University will be providing accommodation facilities for all expatriate staff and international students including those with disabilities.
2. Accessibility of the disable persons must be ensured in all accommodation facilities and buildings of the University will be
3. Ilma University also offer scholarships to the disable persons.

Scope of Policy

This Policy applies to all employees and students of the Ilma University.


• On-campus Accommodation: refers to having a dwelling place within the University’s premises.
• Disability: refers to a person who has a debilitating physical or mental condition that limits their senses.


This policy recognize Ilma University’s commitment that there is no place of harassment or discrimination of any kind in any campus of the University.

Policy Statement

The members of ILMA shall place a high value on relationships built on reason, mutual trust, respect, dignity and equality treating others with courtesy, acceptance and respect as part of achieving a common good. In doing so, it shall be essential that all members recognize and respect not only their own rights and responsibilities, but also the rights and responsibilities of other members of the Institute. The seniors who are well positioned to assert their rights shall have a reciprocal duty to exercise care towards the subordinates who depend on them for their well-being.

• Harassment of any sort shall not be tolerated, including such behaviors as violence, intimidation, sexual advances, exploitation and derogatory conduct that reflect bias based on a person’s color, physical characteristics, descent and ethnic background etc.
• Students involved or engaged in unwanted activities and unwarranted conduct which has the purpose or effect of : violating another person’s dignity, or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating, or offensive environment for another person – will attract major penalty of dismissal.

Sending & Receiving Offensive & Harassing E-mails
• Sending replying or printing the text, images, or jokes that disparage others based on their race, religion, color, gender, gender, national origin, disability, ancestry, or age, that are disparaging or defamatory; or that which spread gossip, rumors, or innuendos about employees, clients, suppliers, or other outside parties; or that which contain foul, obscene, disrespectful, or adult- oriented language; or that which are intended to alarm others, embarrass, negatively impact employee productivity, or harm employee morale, shall be strictly treated as misconduct.
• If any employee receives any offensive, unpleasant, harassing or intimidating messages via email he/she shall inform the immediate Manager or the Head of IT immediately. IT department shall trace such emails as quickly as possible

Anti Discrimination
• ILMA shall remain committed towards achieving non-discrimination and equality of opportunity in employment, admissions and other academic and non-academic programs for existing and prospective staff and students to ensure that the principle of merit operates unhindered in disregard of irrelevant criteria on the grounds of gender, disability, marital status, race, age, and religious or political beliefs
• ILMA shall abide by the principle of equal employment opportunity to ensure selection of the best qualified human resource, without discrimination on the basis of factors such as race, ethnic origin, religion, color, age, disability, gender, or marital status.
• All admissions will be strictly based on merit basis without any discrimination, as per the non-discriminatory admission policy of the University.
• Students’ assessments shall not be based on any kind of discrimination.

Scope of Policy

This Policy applies to all employees and students of the Ilma University.


Discrimination: adverse treatment of any employee based on the employee’s actual or perceived membership in a protected class or category of persons to whom he/she belongs, rather than on the basis of his/her individual merit with respect to the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment including, but not limited to hiring, firing, promoting, disciplining, scheduling, training, evaluating, or deciding how to compensate that employee.

Projects and Events

The DISABLED STUDENT SERVICES Community with vast network of collaborators and volunteers, works towards removing the cultural, physical and psychological barriers that can prevent disabled students from participating fully in university life.

The community aims to integrate all students with disabilities and improve local awareness of disability. It also involves disabled students in voluntary activities and tutoring for other disabled students.

an interpretation service for the deaf;
technical equipment and specific learning aids;
a transport or accompanying service with a specially equipped minibus;
help with planning and enacting a targeted initial approach to the world of work;
education and training for academic staff, non-academic personnel and students, to improve the integration of disabled students;
organises local and national study and information workshops on the challenges for disabled people;
reviews and proposes modifications to the university’s internal regulations (Statute, competition announcements, study grant applications, etc.).

Ilma University applied for NOC or license to the health department for the opening of a Diagnostic Lab which would be an in house health facility which would primarily function to maintain the overall well-being of staff and students. This would only be possible with this lab where samples were taken and tests conducted instantly for a timely view to adopt safety protocols. Even the slightest symptoms would be addressed properly so these were nipped in the bud.

Ilma University aimed to fully utilize this lab facility to minimise the birth of any contagious infections or other seasonal illnesses as well as contain the spread through immediate measures.

The Diagnostic Lab was given the top priority in the wake of the global pandemic and a sure hit way to counteract its adverse effects. It would act as a preventive cell so that precautions were taken well ahead of time. This would keep the educational affairs running smoothly and surely.

ILMA Collaborates with Hashmani's Group of Hospitals with an MoU to Uplift Health Education

This vital MoU was successfully inked by the CEO, Arsalan Hashmani, Senior Corporate Manager Sajjad Ahmed, Director Corporate Sales, Muhammad Danish. From ILMA the Vice Chancellor, Dr Mansoor uz Zafar Dawood, Director QAL, Fawwad Butt, Major Nasir Sabzwari, Sajida Qureshi and Mustafa Razzak played instrumental roles in bringing this agreement to life with the health sector. This was strategically aimed towards the promotion of health education and the provision of essential health services to faculty, staff and students.

Ilma signs MoU with Shed Foundation to uplift its health services and academic facilities

ILMA University takes a huge leap by its significant association with SHED FOUNDATION to uplift its Health Services and Academic facilities. This monumental MOU with SHED foundation is truly a breakthrough agreement that enables the University to enhance its facilitation to the student and staff members by giving quality medical facilities at at SHED hospital and taking advantage of training students under experienced medical professionals of the country.

As the University moves to diversify its range of study programs, an MOU with SHED FOUNDATION aids to accomplish that to a large extent. This strategic alliance will help form the foundation of the health-related programs for the staff and students to attain the maximum benefit. SHED Hospital is a primary health care facility that was established in 2019 with state of the art facilities serving all those seeking medical care.

It is commendable to note that ILMA University remains in the front line to sign forward-looking MOUs with organizations such as SHED for providing the essential amenities to fulfil the needs of the nation by and large. The University knows this too well that progress is only possible to work in close contact with the health sector which strives towards the eradication of diseases while fostering good health for the overall well being of society.

A well equipped sports center is established on the university premises to provide a proper area for physical exercise and sports competitions. The fully functional sports complex features squash court, basketball court and indoor games like snooker, chess, badminton and table tennis. An air-conditioned fitness gymnasium is also an integral part of the sports complex with advanced machines and equipment to allow for a full workout. Ilma University's sports teams partake in several inter-university tournaments. Similarly, sports competitions are also organized on campus where players/teams are invited from other colleges and universities to compete. This is certainly a productive platform where students’ energies are channelized and potential unleashed. Collaborations have been articulated through MOUs signed with leading sporting associations, clubs and societies to organize various inter-university sports feats. Inaddition, Ilma University provides unique opportunities for students to hone their skills through volunteering activities like coaching or even managing specific sports. The sports club promotes the core values of equity, resilience and wellbeing for all.