SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

There is much emphasis on SDG 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. The University is well aware of the frequently changing needs of the global society so it promotes adaptability and flexibility as its core values. The classic example is of the recent pandemic where the onsite operations were suspended and there was a sudden shift to the online ones. Hence, without delay, the University changed its entire dynamics of functioning and went completely online. It also equipped the students with the essential IT skills to perform well virtually. They were provided with lifelong learning opportunities and could function effectively in the workplace. There was an intense element of innovation shown here. The University has the best infrastructure with a purposebuilt campus, state of the art facilities, ultra-modern classrooms, high-speed internet-connected computer & media labs, digital library, main auditorium, indoor sports complex, fully stocked cafeteria, well-equipped training rooms, faculty zones and student common areas. The University has well laid out industry linkages as many prominent industrialists are on its board of governors. Events are held in association with organisations in the various fields and many are avid supporters in the conferences and seminars. Guest speaker sessions are held for up-close contact with the professionals. Even the alumni are looped in through alumni force program which reaches out to all those well-settled not just locally but internationally.