SDG 13 - Climate Action

The University takes steps to preserve the environment for the brighter future of the planet. This addresses the SDG 13 - Climate Action & SDG - 15 Life on Land and conducts green spurred activities which include planting and recycling drives through the different societies on campus. Awareness programs are also held to combat the effects of global warming and 4 ILMA SDGs Report 2021 other indicators for a better place to live.

SDG 16 Policies

Projects and Events

Global warming and extreme weather conditions such as tropical cyclones, heavy rain with flooding, and prolonged dry spells have risen in recent years. In this context, it is crucial to recognise that human influence is mostly to blame for these fast fluctuations in weather patterns, which may be pushing the earth's climate towards a point of no return, after which the negative consequences of climate change may become irreversible. This alarming revelation has prompted a sense urgency throughout the world to develop adequate systems, plans, and ways to tackle the issue. Therefore, Ilma has taken different initiatives to contribute to the efforts being to curb the climate change.

The current focus of the global response to the climate crisis is on development and implementation of mitigation and adaptation methods. Mitigation refers to the initiatives that can be taken to decrease the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Adaptation is about being prepared for climate change, and respond to both present, and expected future consequences of climate change.

Nearly three-quarters of the world's urban population now lives in developing nations that account for more than 90% of global urban population increase. Karachi, a mega city of Pakistan and the capital of Sindh province, is now country’s commercial hub. It generates 30% of Pakistan's industrial production and accounts for 95% of Pakistan's international trade (ADB, 2006a). City is experiencing various climate change effects including urban flooding and rising temperature.

Ilma University has developed shared action plans in collaboration with cantonment board of Karachi to take steps against the possible causes of climate change. These initiatives include plantation drives in different parts of the city, workshops and seminars for the awareness of the society individuals. Ilma has conducted an awareness workshop in which experts were invited to educate the audience about the ways they can contribute to protection against climate change.

Climate change is occurring and causing global warming at an alarming pace. Pakistan is facing enormous threat from the climate. Pakistan was placed on 7th position among the countries which are most affected in the Long-Term Climate Risk Index. Therefore, Government of Pakistan is taking various initiative including trees plantation at large scale. However, much more need to done to curb the changing climate. Ilma University has also carried out campaigns to contribute to the efforts of controlling climate change.

Ilma University distributed seeds among various students and other individuals of the society. University has also carried out plantation drives in nearby areas of the University campuses and different areas of Karachi. The purpose of these campaigns was to encourage staff, students, faculty members and other individuals of society to collectively plant trees and serve for this national cause.