SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities And Communities

Ilma University moves onward to chart territories of SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities as it valiantly builds up a strong force of skilled and talented students who are ready to enter the workforce to make a dynamic difference. They are ready to apply their knowledge and utilise their abilities to seek out solutions that build a strong infrastructure and ultimately a developed nation. Each student is highly tuned to perform in a changing environment with heightened senses and prowess to tackle all kinds of challenges and overcome these. The University has equipped them with updated knowledge and latest researches with a wider view of the world to attain the optimum results.

SDG 11 Policies

Projects and Events

To enable students and faculty to commute easily and comfortably, ILMA offers them a cost-effective, dependable transportation system.

Our objective is to offer transportation choices and related services to university students, teachers, staff, and visitors. While retaining choices for a safe, convenient, and sustainable commute, we place an emphasis on service and help.

Vehicles with 15 or 30 seats are employed, depending on the number of students, to travel from Main to their points and vice versa. Additionally, the university offers adequate parking space at no charge to students who arrive by private vehicle.

From shuttle service and use of hybrid vehicles to educating the staff and faculty to use shared rides with their friends and colleagues. Ilma takes multitude of initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of commuting to and around the university campuses.


• Pollution and traffic congestions are among the most pressing issues of Karachi City. Therefore, reducing the no. of vehicles on the roads of is the best solution to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, as well as traffic congestions in Karachi.
• Promoting telecommuting or work for home also help improving work-life balance. Remote working can save the time of the employees that they spend in commuting to and from the campus. Employees can utilize this time for their healthy activities like running, bicycling or going to gym.
• These initiatives can also be helpful in reducing the overall fuel consumption.

Our Workplace Initiatives:

Ilma University provides free pick and drop shuttle service for certain employees.

Implemented work from home for as many positions as possible without compromising the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations, education and services.

Using hybrid vehicles as much as possible to reduce the fuel consumption.

Ilma University also encourage and educate the employees (Senior Management) to share the ride with their colleagues and friends.

Ilma University has an aim of uplift of the whole community. Therefore, Ilma University has kept open access of various resources for anyone who is eager to learn. Anyone from general public can also access University buildings, library, online educational material and open spaces after following a specific procedure. Procedures are in place to ensure the security and discipline of the campus Ilma University Library has a primary aim of assisting students and faculty in their research, learning and teaching activities. Our library facilitates both the on campus and online learning needs of the students and faculty. Most of the Library services are also open for the general public members as well as students from other universities. However, visitors and members from the general public who intend to use the Library must first fill out a registration form. Furthermore, staff and students from different universities can also get themselves registered for the use of library and its resources.

Ilma University has diverse profiles of students studying in the University, who come to Karachi from different parts of the country to pursue their graduate and postgraduate studies. Therefore, University has arrangements to provide affordable and comfortable accommodation facilities to students and faculty. For students, fully furnished hostels with kitchen and other facilities are available where they can live and pursue their studies without any kind of distraction. Furthermore, affordable and work-convenient housing facilities are provided to the faculty members. These facilities has state of art infrastructure which include generators, internet facilities and recreational areas for them to have a peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

At Ilma University, campus has a separate pedestrian zone where proper paths are available for the ease of students and faculty to commute between the buildings. All the paths are also accessible wheelchair for the convenience of disable persons. No vehicle is allowed without proper authorization prior to entering into pedestrian zone.