SDG 1 -

No Poverty is wiped out. They can gain an education which enables them to become contributing members of society and enter the workforce to sustain themselves as well as their families. So, they have a solid professional prowess to bank on.













ILMA University organized a training session to explain the usage of basic services. University collaborates with NGOs, and the corporate and civil sectors to organize regular training and programs to improve basic services.

As a responsible citizens of Pakistan we should give our input in minimizing the poverty not only in our city or country but also in others. ILMA University observed different factors of poverty and started a mission to end it. In this mission Rotary, Shed Hospital, Rotary club of Karachi club and WWF collaborated with ILMA so we can work more efficiently.

Education gives a child the ability to think positively and positively towards life. With free education, all children will have the same position in life. Therefore, ILMA university provided free education to street children as part of SDGs 1 and 4.

Due to their inability to afford a good education, many children in Karachi beg on the streets instead of attending school. A few of our qualified faculty members and brilliant students gave books, stationery, copies, and water bottles to such children. We began the class with counseling from our faculty. After that, our students took charge of the class with some basic learnings in Urdu, English, and Mathematics. The session lasted 3 hours and 25 minutes, including a break. We offer them juice and sandwiches during the break. Now our students visit per area 3 times and gave quality education free of cost.

As winters are harsh in the rural areas, therefore, Rotary Club of Karachi Scholars (RCKS) and Asna Fahad Memorial Foundation (AFMF) jointly distributed winter clothes in the winter season to the deprived population.

3 such distributions campaigns were held in the areas of Mirpur sakro, Sakran (Hub) and Dadu district during which winter clothes were distributed to thousands of people.

A Reach Out Program initiative has been undertaken by President, ILMA University, Mr Faraz Abid Lakhani.

This Ration Drive has been organized in collaboration with the prominent figures of the industrial sector.

This just goes to show that all of us together are contributing our share and are deeply involved in hauling out the needy and poor from the depths of poverty when the society is in dire straits.

All have joined hands to help the nation in times of need. The noble aim will provide food to thousands of deserving families who have been adversely affected by the lockdown situation in the COVID-19 conditions.

Undoubtedly, this projects a supreme gesture of giving and the Reach Out Program has proven to be a ray of hope to millions in these difficult times.

We Stand United in Giving!

Ilma University offered patent funding for all types of projects and proposals to harvest these in the best possible way for a profitable yield later on.

Ilma University leveraged funding to provide optimum benefit to businesses, startups and ventures that aim to escalate their operations to step these up to the next level.

Ilma University had prestigious national and international agencies on board which were willing to support small, medium and large-sized businesses through grants. This financial boost was just ideal for expansion so that you can reach clients worldwide. It also accelerated the pace and productivity of the present operations so the business functorientedith the maximum output.

This patent funding was provided at an opportune time with the novel digital realms and established work parameters for a commercial outreach and a surge in sales. This led to an enhancement in all the business domains and maximized returns of investment.

ILMA took a progressive step to empower the students with the distribution of laptops. This was a remarkable initiative taken by the University to boost the learning of the students in the higher education sector. In the age of rapid digital transformations, it is indeed facilitative to provide devices that will not only help the youth in acquiring knowledge and complete their degree programs but allow them to explore online work avenues.

With this laptop distribution scheme, it is quite clear that the University aims to spread education to all the underprivileged and marginalized sectors of the community. This is no doubt an exceptional endeavour to give access to the youth to avail equal opportunities and stand at par with the world.

The response to this incredible initiative was overwhelming and the students were graciously thankful for the step taken by the University especially in the ongoing pandemic. This has made the availability and accessibility to these devices a necessity rather than anything else. This shows that the University takes upon itself to uplift education by any means for global outreach.

Ilma University launched an unparalleled Youth Support Digital Program to provide essential online learning support to the Intermediate and A-Level students. This technologically advanced program aimed to give away free laptops, devices, gadgets and even monthly internet bundles to the target student segments.

It achieved this through the generous national and international donor agencies in collaboration with Noman Group as well as Global Educational Consultants (GEC). Ilma University ensured that through this, students continue their studies seamlessly online and accomplish the distance learning milestones easily.

Ilma University placed its fingers on the pulse of the professions and organized a Live Webinar on Entrepreneurial Skills on Tuesday, 8th December. This was certainly the most sought after topic which was making waves across the globe. More so, since the pandemic scenario had completely changed the work dynamics more and more, people had turned towards business ventures and startups for better returns of investment.

Hence, Ilma University took this to another level by arranging a Live Webinar by Dr Rana Zain ul Abideen who stood at the helm of the activity to show how entrepreneurial skills could be developed and an enterprising mindset shaped. This was truly a refreshing outlook where many were ready to equip themselves with the most successful skills to survive on their own globally.

As reiterated by Dr Zain, ‘The key to success is to become an entrepreneur and cross the sides from being an employee to an employer.’

This was a sure hit way to become accomplished fast. Ilma University realized the importance of being enterprising and emphasizing developing entrepreneurial skills. This was a blatant fact that a thriving economy required people to think and working towards growth through all possible avenues. And in the world of entrepreneurs, even the sky was not the limit!